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About RLD Enterprises


RLD Enterprises, emanated from the innovative and ingenious mind of it's founder, Roshunda L. Dorris. Each enterprise derives from Roshunda's eclectic ability to incite and inspire individuals through various scopes of her gifts and talents, fueled by the pursuit to see others excel. 

RLD Enterprises consist of a diverse realm of professional, educational, and inspirational services. Roshunda's singing and inspirational speaking, embraces a platform that provides hope and freedom through biblical principals, while her secular skills as a Professional Development Coach, Mentor, and Consultant, supports her inspiration to provoke and equip individuals to reach limitless possibilities. 

Mentor (AMP) Activate Mentorship Program

Roshunda's career as a professional development coach and mentor, extends to various genres of mentorship and professional development opportunities for over 16 years. As a mentor, she has inspired women of all ages through one on one guidance, seminars, workshops and more, the principles of self-worth and empowerment. Her message to young women, has provoked a tremendous change and pursuit of success in the lives of her mentees.


Early Childhood Education Professional Development Coach

In 2015, Roshunda merged her mentoring skills with her Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education, and began working as a Child Development Specialist, and Early Childhood Education Professional Development Coach. She built and maintained a relationship with childcare professionals, in conjunction to mentoring and proving resources to help providers integrate new information into childcare practice, facilitate the development of an individualized professional development plan, and connect providers to professional growth opportunities.

Her duties involve providing coaching assistance to licensed providers to maintain quality care within center based, and family childcare programs. She provides services to assess and oversee programs compliance, developmentally appropriate curriculum planning through observations and assessments, and coordinate and teach Professional Learning Communities for Early Childhood Educators.

Roshunda is now in pursuit of a Master's in Education and Curriculum Development, with plans to open her own preschool through elementary school. 

Early Childhood Education and Performing Arts Preschool 

Roshunda has currently began to extend her Early Childhood Education experience to the community of the Antelope Valley, by developing plans to open an Early Childhood Education and Performing Arts Preschool. 

Inspirational/Keynote Speaker

Roshunda has thrived in a diverse realm of opportunities that incite and equip individuals to reach limitless possibilities. Her thought provoking keynotes, and interactive seminars, have empowered all who attend. Her inspirational speaking has embraced platforms that provide hope and freedom through inspirational messages and song. Her anointed speaking and singing fuels the messages of hope and liberation, through thought provoking and soul stirring opportunities inspired by the word of God. Roshunda has traveled the United States recharging the lives of those who have benefited from RLD Enterprises. 


Roshunda L.Dorris

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